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Manistee River,  Summer 2000

Three of the 6 canoes on a cool summer float down the Manistee River.




Isle Royale Trip,  Spring 2000

Passing the light house at Copper Harbor, MI.
 Our  mainland connection via the Isle Royle Queen III

The four hour 60 mile trip across Lake Superior's 
42 degree water was exceptionally smooth.


The 2 1/2 mile portage from Moskey Basin to Lake Richie is as exhausting as my expression indicates.  Wayne cooks one of the many  Pike we caught on Lake Riche.  We needed  to refuel our bodies for the next days trip to Siskiwit Lake.

A calm Siskiwik Lake.  Home of Ryan Island of the biggest island on the biggest lake on the biggest island on the biggest lake in the world.  Despite the calm start later that day we ended up having to blast across the lake into wind and two foot waves to get back to a protected shore line.