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Garden River, Ontario Canada - Fall 2002

25 lb+ Chinook Salmon

King Richard

Dick used his fly rod to pulled this monster King out of the Garden River.
We hooked a ton of Pinks, some Pinooks and the occasional Chinook 
salmon on a hot fall day.

Lake Michigan - Summer 2002

25 lb Chinook Salmon

Getting ready for its run up the Grand River, this king was 
already turning dark   His tail curled up the side of the 40" cooler.




Lake Michigan - Summer 2000

18 lb King Salmon

One of the 7 Chinook Salmon we had in the cooler before noon.

Maneuvering back through the Grand Haven channel during the
Coastguard festival proved to be the greatest challenge that day.

Pere Marquette River - Spring  2000

Brown Trout

This fat brown was hooked during the spring steelhead run
on the Pere Marquette River


Colorado - Summer 1999

Trying to sneak up on some Cut Throat trout with my fly rod up at 11,500 ft.

Au Sable River - Spring 1999

  Mike J. pulled a nice Steelhead trout out the Au Sable river using 4lb test.

Big Star Lake - Winter 1998

First Ice.  The weather was cool but the fishing was as hot as it gets.
Mike B. cleaning one of about 70 perch while I hold one of the 
many "champions" we caught on thin ice.

Baja Mexico Spring 1998

Fish on!.  Tom lands a Sailfish with plenty of fight left in him.

Me, Tom, Tony (1st Mate) Manwell (Captain) & Paul
This was the strongest fish I ever landed.

It took me about 1 hour to land this
112 lb Yellowfin Tuna.



Baja Mexico - Spring 1996

  Bob lands a 50 lb Rooster Fish

It took me over 45 minutes to land my biggest fish ever.
A 160 lb Striped Marlin.  Caught and released 3 in 3 days.  

Ontario Canada - Spring 1995

  Limiting out on Walleye in the Albany River